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Our Story

Our founder, Yoko Yeung was driven by her passion building up a travel blog to share travel info about Jeju Island at first, and later in 2018, she started up KCM JEJU (Kimchumma) providing one-stop solution of Jeju prewedding service to foreigners.

Now the company grew bigger, and KCM JEJU is the only prewedding agent headquartered in Jeju Island. Our team members in Jeju office serve customers directly with our best local know-hows such as seasonal sceneries suggestions and weather prediction. We believe that quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, we only accept one booking per day. We mainly targeted Hong Kong customer and now extended our services to other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, America etc. Our dedication to service quality and passion was a key success proved by a lot of good reviews.

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  • 2020 Best JEJU Island Prewedding Agency Choice Award - Bespoke Wedding

  • 2018至今 連續22次榮獲 Airbnb Super Host 超讚房東大使認可

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